John Martin Chen, Alessandra Lorenzo, Cyra Therese Muyano, Mitchelle Vicente

CREATE YOUR OWN WORLDIf you could change the hue of the sky, what color would you paint it?

If you create a world or an atmosphere or an environment that appears to be true, it draws in the gamer and the game designer a lot more. 

It’s a vital part of storytelling, it’s a vital part of learning, and it’s an extremely vital part of reality. And that is what we want to do with game designers, we want to bring the game into a virtual world and they need to believe it.

Craig Lines
Faculty, Benilde Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program

AnimationIn the Bachelor of Arts in Animation program, we merge the latest digital technology with limitless imagination and compelling storytelling. At your disposal are industry-level technology, systems and software. But stretch the boundaries of your creativity and you have something more powerful in your hands: a world brought to life with visual elegance and narrative brilliance.


Game Design

What’s more thrilling than playing video games is braving an infinite universe to create them. Our Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program is a hybrid discipline which combines the technical, art, and business aspects of gaming. As you build your portfolio of games ranging from small interactive mobile applications to complex PC- and console-based systems, you are also trained on how to run and manage a game development studio. As a student, you can enter one of two majors: Game Development or Game Art.


World-building is the heart and the substance of production design whether its for film or for theater, whether we are doing a production design for a realistic scenario or a fantasy world, the production designers literally create or build the world where the story revolves around in.

Gabby Fernandez
Founding Chairperson, Benilde Production Design Program

Interior Design

Be it a fortress or a safe haven, set the mood and ambiance of an environment through the meticulous discipline of Interior Design. The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design program explores the use of complementing shapes, lights, colors, and textures that make spaces sustainable, useful and delightful to those who inhabit them.


Production Design

Production designers do more than just create sets. They build worlds, revive eras, and conceive characters. In the Bachelor of Arts in Production Design program, students learn about theater and film design, art history, and media studies as they dabble in stagecraft, prosthetics, and costume construction.


Food is directly related to memories. It is when you eat something, it reminds you of a particular person or experience in the past and it creates that illusion in your head that you are back in that specific time and space. It’s like you’re living in that moment again, for a short period of time when you had a taste of the food that reminded you of that experience.

Chef Chris Lee
Faculty, Benilde Culinary Arts Program

Culinary Arts

There’s no better way to experience culture than embarking on a culinary journey. Immerse in different cuisines from the world and from within the country through the Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management Program-Culinary Arts Track, and learn the fundamentals of food preparation and food service.


Music Production

How do you evoke the feeling of enchantment, adventure, or urgency with just the use of sound? The Bachelor of Arts in Music Production program employs fluency in music theory and composition, complemented with technical skills in sound recording and processing.


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